M'Liz Keefe

M’Liz Keefe is a painter living on Fogo Island. She moved to the Island from the States, making her home in the community of Barr’d Islands.

The paintings of the North Atlantic, the movements of the sun and the moon, speak at once to the dichotomy of the repetitive life of water and sky and their ever-changing states. They speak to a powerful and literal fullness, visual linear existence, and the state of lightness vs darkness. These are integral to Keefe’s perceptions of life as witness to nature, that constantly reshape and re-define beauty.

As metaphors, they speak to aloneness, autonomy in journey, and inner spiritual strength in the endless nowhere-ness of exploration, contemplation and wandering.

Selected Works

Selected Works


Group Exhibition


Bruce Pashak, Erin Hunt, M’Liz Keefe

October 5 — November 30, 2023

Solo Exhibition

M’Liz Keefe

Scorched Earth

JULY 28 – SEPTEMBER 10, 2023

Group Exhibition

the things that we love tell us what we are.

October 5 – November 13, 2022

Group Exhibition


Claudia Brahms, Brian Freake, Erin Hunt, M’Liz Keefe, Nelson White, Jessica Winters

July 14 – August 14 2022