J.K. Contemporary is a fine art gallery located on Fogo Island, off the far north eastern edge of Newfoundland. The centuries old building, sits on top of a hill in the historic outport fishing community of Joe Batts Arm, overlooking the wild North Atlantic. J.K. Contemporary exhibits work by local, national and international artists.

St George Anglican School

2022 Renovation

J.K. Contemporary is housed in a rare centuries old schoolhouse in the center of the historic fishing community of Joe Batts Arm. It is one of a few restored schoolhouses left on the island that is still in use.

Originally built in 1840, St. George Anglican School was one of the largest in the community. Generations of Fogo Islanders were taught in these walls.

The original structure was 3 times the size of what now exists, with two sections of the school demolished over the years. The remaining structure is a 24ft x 24ft wooden building with 24ft ceilings.

The restoration of the building took place in the spring of 2022. The original wood floors remain, and most of the original boards on the walls and ceiling are intact. Two round windows were installed at the apexes of the building roof lines, mirroring old photos of the building.

After St. George’s closed its doors, the building would go through many iterations. Used as a health clinic where the Doctor or nurses from the main hospital in the community of Fogo would travel to Joe Batts Arm to see patients, it would later become a social hall where dances and gatherings were held. It was eventually sold to a fisherman used for years as storage for his nets and fishing gear. Its most recent owner built it into a summer cottage where his family would come back to the Island to visit where he grew up.

When you visit J.K. Contemporary, you are walking into Fogo Island history, while enjoying the gallery experience of contemporary fine art.