Fogo Island is the largest northern Island off Newfoundland, with a population of about 2,500 people. The Island was an important Newfoundland outport for the international cod fishery, which was a global economic driver for centuries.

The early 1990’s brought the historic collapse of the fisheries and the end to the economic security of Newfoundland. The Cod Moratorium threatened its centuries old culture, and in particular, Fogo Island’s economic future was devastated.

Within the last decade, Fogo Island has become a destination for international travelers. From the enduring generations at the hands of its innovative and creative peoples of the Island, with its folk-lore, crafts, art, natural surroundings, eco-tourism, and new-comers, along with the Fogo Island spirit of togetherness, the whole community has collectively renewed the local economy.

J.K. Contemporary continues in this legacy, with our building as part of the history of the Island, and a place to experience and immerse oneself in fine art.