June 10 — July 23, 2023

Notations & Seams:

Stratums of Allegory

Bruce Pashak    |    Robyn Love    |    David Merkuratsuk

Bruce Pashak

Robyn Love

David Merkuratsuk

Opening Reception: June 10, 2023 5-7PM

J.K. Contemporary

Fine Art Gallery

J.K. Contemporary is a fine art gallery located on Fogo Island, off the far north eastern edge of Newfoundland. The centuries old building, sits on top of a hill in the historic outport fishing community of Joe Batts Arm, overlooking the wild North Atlantic.



Fogo Island is the largest northern Island off Newfoundland, and is home to 11 distinctive outport fishing communities. Known as one of the four corners of the earth, it is surrounded by the raw beauty of the North Atlantic Ocean.

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