David Merkuratsuk

David Merkuratsuk grew up in Nain, Northern Labrador. He has lived off the land his whole life – fishing, hunting and gathering.

As a sometimes field guide and hunter, David wanders the wild Northern Labrador finding a random caribou antler, or a piece of old dried wood from a Kamutik (sled), and renders them with exceptional detail and line.

He has been making art work since a child. The animals and landscapes recalled as a youth, surface in his contemporary work. David’s drawings and paintings are a constant reflection of his Inuit culture. He retains within his work as an artist, a preoccupation of the natural beauty of Northern Labrador.

Working mainly with ink, watercolour and acrylic, his work is at once highly detailed and minimally rendered, reflecting very much the land he is from.

David now lives in St. John’s, but returns to his home in Labrador often.

David Merkuratsuk, Pitsik, 23 March 2024

David Merkuratsuk, Pitsik, March 2024, Watercolour, ink, acrylic on paper, 30”x 22”

Selected Works


Solo Exhibition

David Merkuratsuk

Paintings on Paper

MAY 18 — JUNE 22, 2024

Opening Reception: May 18 5-7PM

Group Exhibition

Notations & Seams:

Stratums of Allegory

Bruce Pashak, Robyn Love, David Merkuratsuk

June 10 – July 23 2023